5 Benefits of Using a Local Graphic Designer

By March 24, 2017Graphic Design

When choosing which graphic design company to use, there are many factors involved in such a decision… cost, convenience, and quality are big ones! One factor that some overlook is the location of the designer. Why would that make such a difference in this age of technology and ability to communicate with ease over great distances? Well, as it turns out, there are some huge benefits of using a local designer.

1. Understanding of the community. When designing a logo, website, or flyer for a small business, it’s important to know how the community will respond to the message. For example, it would be difficult for someone in New York to fully grasp the culture of a rural town in Kansas and vice versa. Yet if the designer lives, works, and plays in the same community as the business, then that understanding will go a long way in creating effective marketing.

2. Building up the economy of the community. There is great value in keeping your money in your own town or city. It not only helps the economy of your community, but as a result, indirectly helps your business too!

3. Ease and effectiveness of communication. Sure Skype and FaceTime are fantastic ways to communicate, but nothing beats a live, one on one, in person, face to face meeting over a cup of coffee! We at Pixel Pro Graphic Design love technology and quick ways to communicate, but we still find personal meetings are more effective in learning what you need and desire for your business.

4. Accountability. Our reputation is on the line each time we design something for a local business. If you use a designer from another state or country, there is little risk for them. Here at Pixel Pro Graphic Design, we are vested in building a good reputation among our community… so you can count on us to go the second mile to make sure you have an amazing experience.

5. Word of mouth. This one is huge! Since we meet with many businesses within Helena there countless opportunities for us to share your business with our community! We will also post your business on our website as part of our list of clients… another form of advertising for you! We also hope that you would tell your friends, family, and business contacts about your extraordinary experience with us. A true win-win!

Well there you have it – some powerful reasons to use a local designer! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to get started on your next design project!

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